ეკონომიკური კვლევების ეროვნული ინსტიტუტი - National Institute of Economic Research! - Vazha Gurabanidze

Doctor of Economics, Associated Professor at Kutaisi University.

He is a member of Dissertation committee and Academic Committee at Kutaisi University, a member of editorial committee for the magazine “Economic Profile”.

He has upgraded his qualification in the following extension courses:


1. “Financial Accounting and Calculation.” Organized by the Vocational Training Center , Kutaisi 2005.

2. English, Upper-intermediate. Conducted by English Language Center, Kutaisi 2008

3. ”Abilities of business effective administration.” Arranged by the Regional Academic-Consulting Center, Kutaisi, 2009.

4. “Active learning and criticai thinking in higher school.” Conducted by the Association”School-Family-Society” according to the international standard of RWCT program, Kutaisi 2010.

5. “Business Planning.” Conducted by Georgian diaspora for Kutaisi Urbanization, Kutaisi 2011.

6. “Faculty Effectiveness.” Organized by the International center for Education and Research together with Georgian Agricultural Business support Center, USDA, FAS, CADI. Yerevan, 2012.

Besides the work attached he had published 50 scientific works including his six books under his name as an author and co-author: “Theory of economics” (General and theoretical questions of economics) (co-author 2004); “Management of Labor Resources” (co-author 2006). “Organizational Management” (co-author 2007), “Theory of economics” (General theoretical principles of practical economic activities)(co-author 2008). “Human Resource Management” 2009. “Global Business Management” 2013 (co-author).

He is actively involved in scientific activities such as Management, Human Resource Management, Global Business Management, Innovation Management and Economics issues.



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