ეკონომიკური კვლევების ეროვნული ინსტიტუტი - National Institute of Economic Research! - mission

All activities performed by the National Institute of Economic Research are based on scientific / educational values, which are considered as the cornerstone of the organization’s management.

The Institute's mission and goals are to:

  • Promote academic quality in Georgia;
  • Conduct diverse research (scientific, sociological);
  • Study foreign experience and international standards widespread on state and public level to apply them in Georgia;
  • Support wide range of carrier aspiration and professional development of the community;
  • Establish international research standards in Georgia;
  • Analyze various research and issue recommendations;
  • Provide translation services;
  • Organize trainings, conferences, lectures and seminars, scientific-methodological, training-methodological meetings and other types of events;
  • Implement scientific, educational, cultural, charity and social projects;
  • Ensure students involvement in Institute’s activities;
  • Foster research partnerships and c
  • Develop and publish monographs, manuals and scientific journals;
  • Perform other related duties that do not contradict the Georgian legislation and directly/in-directly contribute to the institute’s objectives.


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